Famous Types of Bread from Around the World

The topic of bread tends to take you across the world through different countries as the main centres of its origin. Due to that, it is quite unique and fascinating to explore the same. By doing so, you will be able to learn a lot about the bread that you consume with an interesting take about culture. So if you’re excited and want to know more, then go ahead to read the most popular types of bread from around the world.

1. Banana Bread

Banana bread is quite famous as you will always come across an individual who is about to purchase it. The sweet bread is made from mashed bananas and was first originated in the US. It is incredibly moist, and the recipe for the same became popular in the 1930s. Mass production of baking powder and soda are known to be the key ingredients and reasons behind the massive popularity of banana bread.

Banana Bread

2. Brown Bread

Whole wheat, wheat germ and brown sugar tend to constitute the main ingredients for brown bread, which is a part of a traditional Irish breakfast. As a result, it originated in Ireland and was commonly favoured by the lower class, thanks to its price. In today’ age, it has managed to gain a lot of popularity as people are becoming more and more familiar with the health benefits of brown bread.

Brown Bread

3. Bagel

Bagels are a ring-shaped bread that is commonly eaten for breakfast all around the world. By tasting it and adding cream cheese to the mix, Bagels are known to be the right choice to begin the day. It first originated in Jewish communities in Poland back in 1610 and has now evolved as one of the best types of bread. They can be made from several yeasts and can also be infused with chocolate chips and berries.

4. Breadstick

These long and thin sticks are commonly served on the side of Italian dishes as they make up for a good appetizer. According to a Turin, Italy, breadsticks were invested in the town by a baker in the 1670s. As a result, Italy is the country associated with its origin, and these steaks are commonly all around the place.


5. Cornbread

Unlike some of the most popular types of bread, cornbread is quite different as it is not made from yeast. The recipe for the same relies on cornmeal and baking powder with the country of origin being the US. Moreover, the recipe originated with Native Americans and was adopted by English settlers. Due to that, when you travel to the southern side of the US, you will understand the extent of the popularity of cornbread.

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