Banana Bread



If you are on a fitness bandwagon, you must know that a good diet acts as a catalyst to a healthier body. Whether you want to lose inches, shed those extra pounds, or gain muscles, a personal trainer will firstly target your diet intake before you begin working out. But, the journey to reaching your body goals may take a halt if you completely curb your food choices. A fitness journey should not feel like a punishment; instead, there are ways you can enjoy the journey while still relishing the foods you love.


If you are a baked-food lover, you may have read or heard only about its cons. Well, to begin with, there are pros and cons to every food. You must know where to draw the line between binging and eating as much as required. Also, many bakery food items may very well work in your favor. A fair amount of protein is vital if you want to gain muscles, and so are carbohydrates crucial for energy. Let’s have a look at a personal trainer’s take on some bakery foods. These food items will give you both strength and stamina before a workout.



Whole grains are well known for their role in muscle building. Whole-wheat bread has abundant carbohydrates and protein, which provide energy for workouts. Your entire workout regime goes down the drain if you burn out midway with the lack of energy. Whole-wheat bread also has high fiber content to keep you full and your gut healthy. Fiber is excellent for building muscle mass.



If you love munching on those muffins, you can continue enjoying it by simply going the sugar-free way. You can up the ante with berries, fruits, dark chocolate, and quinoa in it. They enhance the taste while being low in calories and contain the right carbohydrates level to act as fuel for training. They also have minerals and antioxidants, which are great for health.


  1. PIES

Who doesn’t love a pie, especially if you learn about its benefits? Fruit pies, in particular, are healthy, apple pie, for instance. Pies with fruits based ingredients have just enough calories to give you energy. However, you could shy away from pies that have nuts, cream, sauces, or ice-creams.



If you love the classic plain croissants and doughnuts, you are lucky. The sugar level in plain doughnuts is relatively low and almost minuscule in croissants, with low to moderate calories in both. They keep you satiated with a fair amount of carbohydrates necessary as fuel for a workout.


It takes a combination of a prudent diet and workout regime to achieve the dream body you have been wanting. A good diet and a good workout are the two sides to a coin, and neither works without the other. Bakery foods are generally fattening, as we commonly believe. However, people are becoming more health-conscious in today’s date. That’s why bakers are also marching down the road to healthy options and ingredients.

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